MUDRA Application Form

Punjab National Bank Mudra Loan Scheme

Punjab National Bank Mudra Loan Scheme 

‘Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana’ (PMMY) become released to ‘fund the wished’ via bringing such organizations to the formal economic device, and lengthening less expensive credit score to them.

underneath PMMY MUDRA Scheme, Punjab National Bank affords economic assistance upto Rs.10 lakh to non-farm enterprises for manufacturing, buying and selling and services activities, for earnings era purpose.

Sports allied to Agriculture” e.g.

pisciculture, beekeeping, hen, livestock rearing, grading, sorting, aggregation agro industries, diary, fishery, Agriclinics and Agribusiness centers, food & Agro-Processing, and so forth. (except for crop loans, land improvement along with canals, irrigation, wells ) and offerings helping those, which promote livelihood, will be eligible for coverage beneath PMMY w.e.f. 2016-17.

However, funding under the “activities allied to Agriculture” class is performed as in line with the financial institution’s current Allied agriculture schemes and the terms and conditions, Margin, Collateral, reimbursement, rate of interest will be as according to the hints of RBI / financial institution.

Any individual / proprietary situation / partnership company / organization / affiliation of people (AOP) / restrained legal responsibility partnership (LLP) / and so on., not a defaulter to any financial institution / monetary group is eligible for Mudra mortgage .

Following are the 3 variants of the MUDRA loans :
1. Shishu (upto Rs. 50,000)
2. Kishore (above Rs. 50,000 to Rs. five lakh)
3. Tarun (above Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh)

PNB Mudra Bank Loan Interest : The fee of hobby applicable to the MSME devices is in the variety of MCLR to MCLR +2.25% (challenge to change, as in step with govt /RBI pointers, issued every now and then)

list OF basic documents Require PNB MUDRA bank mortgage
1. evidence of identification i.e. Self certified reproduction of Voter’s identity card / riding License / PAN Card
/ Aadhaar Card / Passport / photograph Ids, issued by means of govt. authority and so on.
2. evidence of residence i.e. recent smartphone invoice / energy invoice / belongings tax receipt /
Voter’s id card / Aadhaar Card / Passport of man or woman / proprietor / partners,
certificate issued with the aid of govt. Authority/neighborhood Panchayat / Municipality etc.
3. Applicant’s current image (2 copies) no longer older than 6 months.
4. evidence of SC/ST/OBC/Minority, if relevant.
five. evidence of identity / cope with of the commercial enterprise organization , if available.
6. statement of Account from the present Banker, for the remaining six months, if any.
7. citation of machinery / other gadgets, to be bought.

1. proof of identity i.e. Self licensed replica of Voter’s id card / using License / PAN
Card / Aadhaar Card / Passport / photograph Ids issued via govt. authority and many others.
2. proof of house i.e. latest smartphone invoice / electricity invoice / property tax receipt /
Voter’s identity card / Aadhaar Card / Passport of man or woman / proprietor / partners,
certificate issued by using executive. Authority/neighborhood Panchayat / Municipality etc.
3. proof of SC/ST/OBC/Minority, if applicable.
4. proof of identification / cope with of the enterprise employer – Copies of applicable Licenses /
Registration certificate / hire or lease agreement/ different files bearing on
the possession, identity of deal with of commercial enterprise unit / Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum.
five. assertion of Account from the existing Banker, for the closing six months.
6. remaining years unaudited stability sheets of the present devices, along with profits tax
/sales tax returns and so forth. (applicable for loans of Rs. 2 lakh and above).
7. Projected stability sheets of begin-ups / current units for 365 days, in case of operating
capital limits and for the period of the mortgage in case of term mortgage (applicable for loans
of Rs. 2 lakh and above).
8. sales done throughout the cutting-edge economic yr, up to the date of submission of
application (in case of present devices).
9. Proforma Invoices / Quotations for the assets to be bought and estimates for the
civil works, if any to be undertaken. issue of technical feasibility and financial
viability may be discussed with borrower, if felt vital.
10. Asset & legal responsibility statement of the borrower such as, directors & companions.
11. Memorandum and Articles of association of the organization/Partnership Deed of
partners and so on., wherever applicable.
12. images ( copies) of applicant / proprietor / companions / directors no longer older than 6

Source:- PNB

Click here to download PNB Mudra Loan Application.

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Mudra Loan Online Application Form

When the Modi govt had launched the scheme, everyone were happy and they will get collateral free loan for business starting business & expansion. People thought that the govt will launch MUDRA Bank for

com">MUDRA lona but the govt had authoruzed to SIDDBI to design policy for MUDRA Loan and authorized all Nationalize bank and financial institutes to issue MUDRA Loan. We designed the so that we would provide you correct information about the process and procedure.

After the launch of we had started to receive several complaints that banks were not accepting request for MUDRA Loan & surprising the complaints against banks were increasing day by day. We were receiving complaints like banks not accepting loan request, delaying application, not providing loan form, demanding money, our quota had fulfilled, our branch had not authorized for mudra loan etc.

It was really serious matter because banks were not following the policy & it was damaging center’s image. We aware that bank had rights to deny loan application but before denying they had to follow some process first.

On our request center govt. & bank had issued some guidelines on it but the flow of complaints had not stopped. People were commenting about center govt. & we were sending all comments to Ministry of Finance for action. We followed the same process till one month & when we were never gotten any positive changes & response from there. We planned to design one loan application form so that you can apply mudra loan online and we can send the same form to concern bank officials so that they could send it to concern branch for action.

Now thousands of people have applied mudra loan online and we are forwarding the same to concern bank officials to take prompt action. After launch, we received several positive comments because banks were responding with TAT.

Friends, we request you that please do not pay anything for MUDRA loan or less interest rates & visit once your bank branch before applying mudra loan online.

Online MUDRA Loan Application Form. Online MUDRA Loan Application Form.

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Mudra Loan Online, Apply Now

Dear Friends,

Hope you all are doing well, day by day we are getting lots of mail and query online for Mudra loan. We are happy to see that people are taking too much interest in Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) & planning to start his/her own business. We all are here to support and guide on finance related issues. We took initiative to guide through www.murabank.


Friend, we started online form facility so that person who are facing issue by bank branches, can fill form online. We always suggest that you should visit your nearest bank branch first to understand the scheme. If bank employee or staff will not cooperate with you or not provide or deny about Mudra loan than you can apply online through our portal. We will send your request cum complaint to senior official to take prompt action.

I hope you understand that the MUDRA lona is a kind of facility for you not rights. Bank will check your repay capacity before disburse the MUDRA or any other kind of loan. We also request you “Please do not pay any money for MUDRA loan” & report if someone is demanding money for it. You can write about it to us or CVO of that bank.

Best of luck…


Jeevan Pant

Click here for Mudra Loan Application Form..

प्रिय मित्रो,

आशा हैं की आप सभी कुशल मंगल होंगे| दिनों दिन हमारे पोर्टल पर लोगो के सुझाव व प्रशन लगता बढ़ रहे हैं इसे देखकर हमें प्रसन्नता और दाइत्व दोनों का बोध होता हैं| हमने वेबसाइट बनाते समय यह कभी नहीं सोचा था की इस प्रकार हमें लोगो को प्यार मिलेगा| वेबसाइट बनाने और लोगो के प्रश्नों का उत्तर देते हुए हमें यह पता लगा की कई बैंक शाखाये लोगो को मुद्रा योजना और किस प्रकार मुद्रा लोन के लिए आवेदन किया जाता हैं उसके लिए भ्रमित कर रही हैं| आश्चर्य तो तब हुआ जब बैंक की शाखाओ ने लोगो को सीधे सीधे मना करना शुरू कर दिया की हमारे यंहा मुद्रा लोन नहीं दिया जाता हैं और हमारी लोन की निर्धारित सीमा पूरी हो गयी हैं |

यह सब पढने के पश्चात हमें लगा की हमें सूचना देने से बढ़कर इस उद्देश्य में हिस्सेदारी सुनिश्चित करनी होगी | इसके लिए हम लोगो ने एक ऑनलाइन प्राथना पत्र बनाया ताकि जिन लोगो को बैंक शाखा इस विषय में परेशान कर रही हैं हम उन लोगो आवेदन शिकायत के साथ सम्बंधित बैंक के अधिकारियो व इससे सम्बंधित सरकारी अधिकारियो को भेजे ताकि उन्हें भी पता लगे की घोषणा व क्रिन्यान्वय में जमीन आसमान का अंतर हैं|

आप सभी से अनुरोध हैं की ऑनलाइन सुविधा का लाभ लेने से पहले आप सम्बंधित बैंक में जरूर जाए और बैंक के कर्मचारियों से मिले और उनसे बात करे| सच मानिये समाज में सभी लोग एक जैसे नहीं हैं | लेकिन अगर फिर भी आपको बैंक से कोई सूचना नहीं मिलती हैं तो आप बैंक किस शिकायत पुस्तिका में इसके बारे में लिख सकते हैं और ऑनलाइन आवेदन कर सकते हैं|

आशा करता हूँ की आप इन सभी बातो को आत्मसात करेंगे और ऑनलाइन आवेदन करने से पहले बैंक शाखा में जरूर जायेंगे|

आप सभी का संह्योग देने के लिए कोटि कोटि धन्यवाद|

आपका मित्र

जीवन पन्त 

मुद्रा लोन के आवेदन के लिए यंहा स्पर्श करे 

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MUDRA Loan Application Form

MUDRA Loan application form..

With the help of below link you can download the application form to get MUDRA Bank Loan. Please check our other pages or visit official websites of MUDRA ( in) for more details.

We are providing down-loadable version of Shishu Loan Application under MUDRA Lone.

Mudra Bank Loan Application form Download

List of Documents require for MUDRA LOAN Download

Tag:- Download MUDRA application form, MUDRA Loan form, Download Mudra Form, MUDRA FORM, MUDRA Loan Application Form, Download MUDRA Loan Application Form

Note:- We are not association with any of Govt. of agency. We are here to provide information only. For updates please visit official website of MUDRA.

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