e-mudra loan


What is an e-mudra loan?

e-mudra loan is an online Mudra loan scheme that is run by the State Bank of India. Under that scheme, you can apply for a Mudra Loan Online via the State Bank of India Official e mudra website. It is a convenient and hassle-free process to get an e mudra loan. For an e mudra loan, no need to visit the bank branch and the amount will credit instantly to your existing account.

Now govt has changed the mudra policy and now people can apply for double an e mudra loans online.

Know e mudra procedure in English | Hindi/हिंदी
What is a procedure to apply e mudra?

There is no standard procedure to apply for an e mudra loan. Any Indian citizen can apply for a mudra loan online.

Which documents require for it?

For the mudra application, you require your Aadhaar Card which should be linked with your state bank of India account and your existing phone number where you will get OTP.

Age of applicant in e mudra scheme?

There is no age limit to apply for an e mudra loan. Anyone can apply for an e mudra with valid documents.

e-mudra loan
e-mudra loan
Is e mudra available offline?

Yes, an e mudra loan is also available offline via SBI branches. You can apply e mudra at any branch of the State bank of India, SBI.

How can apply SBI e mudra?

SBI has provided a facility to apply e mudra loan website via SBI’s official e mudra website or mudrabank.com and you can visit at nearest SBI branch to apply for an e mudra loan offline.

State bank of India has launched an official website to apply for an e mudra loan online via https://emudra.sbi.co.in:8044. Here you will get all details related to online mudra loans.

We suggest you read all terms & conditions before applying. Click here to read all instructions.

What is the Interest rate of an e mudra loan?

The standard MSME loan rate is applicable with an e-mudra loan. It fluctuates according to the market. Currently, 11.50% is applicable with the mudra scheme.

How can I calculate the interest rate of an e-mudra loan?

SBI has launched an interest calculator online to check the interest rate and EMI. Pls, click here to know the interest rate and EMI.

Please note that the Interest & EMI may vary according to interest rate because it is floating. Click here to calculate EMI & Interest.

What is the repayment period of the mudra loan?
  • WC/TL: in 3 – 5 yrs including a moratorium of up to 6 months depending on the activity/ income generation.
  • Review of WC/TL to be done annually.
How much margin money is required for e mudra?

State  Bank of India, SBI require 0% margin money up to 50,000 loans (Shishu Category) and above 50,001 to 10, 00,000 (Kishore & Tarun scheme) they require a minimum of 10% as margin money.

How much SBI is charging a processing fee for an e mudra/ mudra loan?

In the e-mudra scheme state bank of India is not charging any processing fee under Shishu and Kishore category but under Tarun from 5,00,001 to 10,00,000, they are charging 0.50% + tax as processing charges.

To know the procedure in English | Hindi/हिंदी

What is E Mudra’s loan approval time?

Under the e-mudra scheme, the SBI releases instant money under the e-mudra Shishu category and under Tarun & Kishore it takes up to 60 days to clear.

How many banks are offering e-mudra loans?

Only SBI is offering e mudra loans online and other banks have a facility to apply for mudra loans online but they are collecting the data and calling offline for mudra loans. Click here to get a list of banks offering online mudra loans.

Where can I comply or contact for e-mudra?

e-mudra is available for all Indian citizens and if you feel that the bank is harassing or asking something to clear the Mudra loan.

You can directly file a complaint to the Grievance department of the concerned bank, the Financial inclusion team of GOI, the Public Grievance portal of PMO or write us on pg (at) janpaksh.com

We will forward your complaint to concerned officials for immediate action. All facility is free

Please note that the entire process is free and if someone asks to pay money, please report to the concerned authority or us. You can register your complaint at the bank’s portal. Now govt have issued a new policy for emudra loans Click here to get the link of the PG portal of all banks.

Recently State bank of India has doubled the e-mudra amount earlier it was 50k but this year SBI is providing double the e-mudra amount. Now you can get an e-mudra loan up to 100k online.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

✔ How can apply for an e-mudra loan?

Several banks are providing online e-mudra loan facilities. It is very easy and faster. Click here to apply e-mudra online.

✔ What is the Age limit for an e-mudra loan?

There is no maximum age limit for an e-mudra loan but the minimum age for a mudra loan is 18 years.

✔ Can we apply for e-mudra via mobile?

Yes, you can apply for an e-mudra loan via mobile but the process and policy for an e-mudra loan will be the same.

✔ Who is providing an e-mudra loan?

All banks are providing e-Mudra via their website. You can apply for a mudra loan online.

✔ List of documents required for an e mudra loan?

Bank requires only a few documents like Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Authorized mobile no, etc. If you have a bank account, you never need any KYC but you should have an authorized mobile number to apply.

Limit of SBI e mudra loan?

State Bank of India has increased the online mudra loan amount from 50k to 100k. Now you can apply up to 100K online.

Click here to know the procedure in English | Hindi/हिंदी

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