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Mudra Loan

Now mudra loan schemes has become the popular and every one wish to get it to start business or expand the current business. Banks has issues several crores as Mudra in India lakhs of people get benefits to it.

Since announcing mudra scheme has become a most popular scheme of India. Lakhs of people has already availed mudra scheme from Mudra bank to start business. It is collateral free loan, poor & weaker get maximum bank loan.

Mudra has been announced by Finance Minister during budget session and PMMY Mudra Bank scheme had launched by PM on April, 8, 2015 to provide loans up to Rs 10 Lakhs to non corporate and small & micro enterprise. These kinds of loans will be provided under PMMY Mudra Scheme.

Mudra bank is a virtual bank and it is seeding all commercial banks, Rural Regional banks, Small Financial Banks, Cooperative Bank, MFIs and NBFCs to disburse mudra under PMMY Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana i.e. PMMY Loan.

Govt. of India segregated Mudra Yojana in three categories, Shishu, Kishor and Tarun. There is different process, Policy and procedure for all three loans. All loans are collateral free, means there is no need to submit any bank guarantee. It is best for young entrepreneurs, new startups and fund seekers.

For mudra or e-mudra, the applicant can approach at any bank or financial institution for mudra or e-mudra. Bank will check the application, project report & record before approval of mudra bank loan. So your application & project report should be accurate & error free. The Mudra limit of all three categories is

Shishu:- Under Mudra Bank Shishu scheme, the loan applicant will get up to 50,000.
Kishor:- Under Mudra Bank Kishor Scheme, the loan applicant will get between 50,001 to 5,00,000.
Tarun:- Under Mudra Bank Tarun Scheme, the loan applicant will get between 5,00,001 to 10,00,000.

Now under Shishu scheme you can apply mudra online via e mudra scheme and during the online e-mudra application you should have your Aadhaar Card/ UID card and registered phone number. Right now only State bank of India is providing e  mudra loan. You can click here to apply e-mudra loan online via state bank of India official website which is

Now State govt. are encouraging people to start new venture to generate jobs in small sectors. Govt has issued around 8 Lakh crore rupees under Mudra Scheme. 


How can apply for mudra Yojana?

All banks are providing mudra in India. It is kind of business loan under three category. Click here for details.

What is loan interest rate?

Loan interest rate for mudra is varying. All banks have its own policy to disburse mudra. Click here to check bank’s interest rate.

What are the documents required for applying PMMY loan?

Specific Documents Required for PMMY Loan:
• Duly filled Application Form of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.
• Duly filled application form for vehicle loan.
• Borrower’s passport size photos – 2 photos.
• Address Proof.
• Identity Proof.
• Income Proof.
• Bank statement for most recent past six months. Click here

What is the eligibility for loan?

All above 18 years is eligible for mudra scheme, Click here for CIBIL.

Which bank is best for Mudra loan?

In India, All banks are providing mudra or e-mudra and SBI, PNB & Rural Banks are best for mudra schemes. Check the rating of banks, click here.

What is the procedure for PMMY loan?

• Keep the necessary documents ready. Applicants need to have the necessary documents required to avail a MUDRA . …
• Approach with your existing bank.. …
• Fill in the loan application form online and offline.
• Submit it at bank branch along the documents. Click here to continue

Is Mudra loan is available for home loan?

No, Mudra is available for commercial activity only. Click here for details

Is Mudra available for Car loans?

No, mudra is not available for car but you can apply for taxi or commercial vehicles. Click here how to apply?

Is mudra loan available for agriculture?

Yes, mudra bank is providing loan for agriculture activity. Like sale purchase of vegetable & fruits…. click here to contine..

Is muda loan available for business expansion?

Yes, Mudra is available for business expansion. Click here to know more

Is mudra can top up?

Yes, you can apply mudra loan as top up. Check the top up policy. click here..

Can we re-apply mudra loan?

Yes, You can reapply mudra loan or top up your existing mudra loan. Check top up policy, click here

How can I apply for Mudra loan?

You can apply mdura loan online Via e-mudra website or any bank branch. Click here for details

Can i get mudra loan for business expansion?

Yes, you can get mudra loan for your existing business expansion. Click here for details