Mudra Bank Interest Rate

Mudra bank interest rate is changing daily according to RBI policy and now mudra bank interest rate is really competitive and less. Here we will update you daily mudra bank interest rate.

There is no fixed interest rate in the Mudra bank loan scheme and it is very bank to bank. The profile of customers & risk is also a criterion to fix interest rates. Mudra is a collateral-free loan which makes it more critical because it may increase the NPA of banks.

Banks are charging different interest rates on MUDRA Bank loans. We are planning to provide you with the interest rate details of all banks. As you are aware the MUDRA is a collateral-free loan and because the collateral-free banks are not showing too much interest in MUDRA Loans. We suggest you check the bank’s interest rate before submitting papers because all banks have different policies, terms & charges.

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Bank of Baroda Interest rate..

Mudra bank interest Rate of Interest:

Limits Micro Enterprises Small Enterprises
Up to Rs.50000/- Base Rate Base Rate+0.50%
Above Rs.50000/- to Rs.2.00 lacs Base Rate+0.50% Base Rate+1.00%
Above Rs.2.00 lacs to Rs.10.00 lacs Base Rate+1.00% Base Rate+1.25%

Processing Charges: Nil


  • Assets are created out of the Bank’s finance.
  • No collateral security.

Under Mudra Shishu Yojana banks are providing loans up to 50,000/-. It is a basic scheme and banks are charging a very nominal interest rate which is around 10% to 12%. We also found that the nationalized banks are charging less interest rates than private banks etc.

Under Mudra Kishor Yojana banks are providing loans up to 5,00, 000/- rupee. It is a middle scheme & comes in the category of unsecured loan & its Interest rate is high from14% to 17% depending on bank to bank. We suggest you differentiate the interest rate between the Nationalized bank and a Private bank before applying for MUDRA Loan.

Mudra Tarun Yojana is the last scheme of the government of India. Under the MUDRA Tarun Scheme applicant can apply for a loan between 5,00,001 to 10,00,000/-. It is also an unsecured Loan and its rate of interest rate is high and starting from 16% and very bank to bank. In every case the interest rates between Nationalised banks and Private banks are different. Please check the interest rate before the apply loan.

soon we will provide you with a Mudra bank interest rate calculator. Where you will get loan interest and EMI according to the bank.

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Mudra bank interest rate
Mudra bank interest rate