PM emudra loan

PM Emudra loan

Prime Minister has announced the PM emudra loan for the weaker section at starting. It was really a big scheme for the poor and weaker sections where they can get the PM mudra loan under Shishu, Tarun & Kishor scheme.

Under PM Mudra loan anyone can apply loan of up to 10 lakhs, without any guarantee. Now it is the most popular scheme of India to facilitate weaker sections, who are really need such kind of things.

SBI PM emudra loan

All the banks are providing PM Mudra loans and some are providing it online like SBI is providing PM e-mudra loan online vial its portal where you can get the PM emdura loan up to 1 lakh online.  

To get a loan online, you require the following docents to apply online SBI PM emudra.
1. PAN Card
2. Aadhaar Card
3. Mobile Phone number

SBI PM Mudra loan is available without margin money till Rs 50,000 beyond 50K they charge 10% margin money which is really less in any collateral-free loan.

A collateral loan is a high-risk loan and banks provide such kinds of loans on high margins.

Apart from that SBI claims 5 minutes approval on PM emudra loan. No Physical documents or verification are required to get SBI emudra loan.  SBI emudra loan never charges any processing charge. For more details, you can click here to get SBI PM emudra loan details.

SBI PM emudra loan benefits

  • This scheme gives you funds to help to expand your business.
  • This scheme allows you to get money up to Rs 10 lakh without collateral.
  • You can borrow money, repay it over a period of up to five years.
  • PM E Mudra Yojana 2022 charges a minimum interest rate.
  • Credit under this program does not require a good CIBIL score.
  • On a credit basis, Rupay cards are provided for Mudra scheme applicant.
  • It is available Online in 2022, you can expand hassle-free your business.

Above all documents are mandatory to get a PM emudra loan online. It is an easy & simple process and will complete in 10 minutes.

BOB PM emudra loan

Like SBI, the Bank of Baroda is also providing PM emudra loans online but its actual name is BOB Digital emdura loan.

BOB emudra loan is available without any processing changes, no physical documents require all digital documents are valid. You can apply PM BOB Digital mudra loan online 24×7 and 365 days.

BOB digital PM emudra loan comes with instant approval means you will get approval in 30 minutes.

You can click here to know more about the Bank of Baroda PM Digital mudra loan.

Union Bank PM emudra loan

Under PMMY our Bank extend finance to the micro-enterprises which are in the business of manufacturing, trading and service sector in rural, urban & metro areas.

The rate of interest applicable to the units is in the range of MCLR + 0.40% to MCLR + 1.65%.

Loans covered under MUDRA are collateral-free loans. However, assets created out of the bank loan to be charged with the Bank.

Towards the security documents to be obtained against such loans, the following documents are generally obtained: DP Note, Hypothecation Agreement, Letter of continuity, Term Loan agreement (If there is term loan) etc.

Other terms and conditions as per the norms of the bank to be applicable to such loans from time to time.

Common loan application forms are available on the website. Mudra success stories Mudra Loan Application (Hindi) Mudra Loan Application (English)

Contact details for MUDRA queries – 022-22892250
For details about any scheme, please contact your nearby Branch/Regional Office.


“MUDRA is a refinancing Institution. MUDRA does not lend directly to micro-entrepreneurs / individuals. Mudra loans under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) can be availed of from the nearby branch office of a bank, NBFC, MFIs etc. Borrowers can also now file online applications for MUDRA loans on the Udyamimitra portal (

There are no agents or middlemen engaged by MUDRA for availing of Mudra Loans. The borrowers are advised to keep away from persons posing as Agents/ facilitators of MUDRA/PMMY.”

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