Lock down package via Mudra Bank

Lock down package
Lock down package

As you know that the India and world is passing through the critical situation. India is totally lockdown March 2020. Now the economy of entire world is under crises.

Now Prime minister Narender Modi has announced biggest package to grow economy and today Finance Minister will announce some package of Rs. 20 Lakh Crore to boost up Indian economy. They will focus on MSME sector and provide maximum relief to those sectors via Mudra Loan ie Mudra Bank.

Govt. is focusing mudra loan because it is collateral free loan and it covers all sectors. In that segments govt can increase the limit from 10 Lakh to 20 Lakh and few state governments can provide subsidy to few sectors.

Subsidy on Mudra loan

Few state govt is planning to provide subsidy on mudra loan so that migrants who have come back due to corona, they can start the business here and generate jobs & support economy. Center is not planning to provide any subsidy. You must contact State govt & its scheme to get subsidy on Mudra Loan.

Start-ups mudra loan

Govt is majorly focussing start-ups & giving them priority. Because it is small & fastest growing sector which is generating handsome jobs. The investment in start-ups is lesser than the other ventures. Finance Minister may focus start-ups today.

MSME Mudra Loan

MSME is the core of India economy and maximum job generating sectors. Finance minister can give maximum relief to that sector financially with tax benefits. She can reduce the tax slabs & focus to purchase from MSME only. She can also provide relief to GEM registered companies.

Around 45 Lakh MSME to get 3 lakh Crore’s loan from 20 Lakh Crore package.

According to sources the April-June wages of employees of MSMEs may be paid from the Employee State Insurance Corporation.

MSMSe are small and medium-sized businesses with investment in equipment not exceeding Rs 10 crores. Small businesses account for nearly a quarter of India’s $2.9 trillion economy and employ more than 50 crore workers, according to government estimates.

Mudra benefits to Hotelier & Tour & Travel Industries

Because of corona Hotel and Tour industries has totally collapsed and there is no hope that it will start in 2020. According to current scenario & experts it will take long time to normalise. Not only Hotel, restaurant sector has also disturbed totally & Lakhs of lakhs migrants have jobless now.

Finance Minister may also focus on that sector because it is a biggest job generate sector & mainly two companies Swiggy & Zomato is based only on it.

Apart that Finance minister can give relaxation to infrastructure sector, agriculture, Transport, Finance sector etc.

The main points of Lock Down 4 packages are…

3 Lakhs crore loan package to MSME.
30,000 Crore loan package to NBFC, HFC & MFI.
90,000 Crore loan package to Power Generation companies.
25,000 Crore fund to EPF support business & workers.
45,000 Crore to Partial credit guarantee scheme of NBFC.
Extension of govt Contract till 6 months.

✅What is Lock-Down 4 mudra loan package?

Govt. of India is planning to provide financial support to grow economy & generate jobs via Mudra Loan.

✅What is the Lock Down package size?

Govt is releasing around 20 Lakh Crore rupee to grow sectors. They will disburse mostly amount via mudra bank.

✅How can apply for Lock down package?

Visit your nearest bank branch or MSME portal to get benefits of Lock down package.

✅Which sector will get benefits to Mudra Bank Lock Down Package?

Mostly all sectors will get Lock down package like infrastructure sector, agriculture, Aviation, Transport, Finance sector, Hotel Industries, Start-ups etc.

✅Which MSME will get the benefits of Lock down package?

Around 45 Lakh MSME with the turn over up to 100 crore to get the benefits of Lock down package.

✅Is there any guarantee require for Lock down package to MSME?

No, MSME Lock down package is collateral free loan and no guarantee require for it.