Project report for Mudra Loan

Project report for mudra loan
Project report for mudra loan

How to make Project Report For Mudra Loan?

If you are planning to start a business and require mudra loan from Mudra Bank, you need a perfect project report. We will help you to prepare your documents before applying for Mudra loan. Mudra loan is a collateral-free loan and the bank wants to ensure that the applicant can repay the loan or not.

Few banks are providing online emudra loans via its own website instantly like State bank of India etc. SBI has launched a emudra website for Mudra loan. Via that website, you can easily apply for mudra bank loan. It is really easy and prompt but you will get here only SHISHU loan which is up to 50,000.

For another kind of Mudra bank loan you have to prepare lots of documents like KYC, Project report, Quotation, GST Number, Registration number, etc.

KYC is Know Your Customer policy and bank always demand your KYC before starting the process. In KYC you require your PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Voter I Card etc.

What is Project Report for mudra loan?

The major part of Mudra loan or other business loan is “Project Report”. A Project report will help to understand the nature of your business, process, procurement, job opportunities, profitability & ROI. It will clear that how much you are prepared or sincere for your startups.

The project report should be clear, meaningful and understandable because it will represent you in your absence. Its report should be in detail with facts and statics with growth. Incomplete project reports or mysterious data may be a cause of rejection and rejection will reduce your CIBIL score.

A project report for Mudra loan contains lots of things like your personal, educational and professional details. Bank may ask about the experience of that field and several other questions related to field, experience to check eligibility.

How much loan require & Why?

Bank will check your investment part deeply and ask why you require that much amount? How are you calculate it? That time if you have a project report, you can tell them the entire investment part & cost of machinery or resource. Your preparation will help you to become the most eligible candidate and the bank will clear your application for mudra loan.

During the application of a mudra bank loan, you should check your documents properly & deeply, you’re all personal, educational, address details should be match word by word because bank’s executives will check all details deeply and if they will get any issue in documents, they will hold your application and ask for updated documents.

The final and crucial part of the project report is costing & quotation because when you will prepare the project report you should have the cost of required machinery & other resources. You should have three quotations of each machinery & other resources (Amount may differ of each quotation) to make it more professional and authentic. I suggest you submit a genuine quotation of each vendor with a GST number because the bank may visit the vendor location to check authenticity.

We suggest you submit authentic and genuine documents for a mudra bank loan because if the bank will find any discrepancy in your documents they may reject your application & it will hit your CIBIL score and you know that all banks always check cibil score to disburse any kind of loan.

If you are confused and need professionals for your project report. You can contact us we will help you. You can contact us at mudrakibaat (at) We will provide you a professional report at nominal charges. Our team will talk to you get all the information to prepare mudra loan project report on your behalf.

What is Mudra loan project report?

Project report is a kind of document where every steps, procedures, method, source, prospective clients, buyers, cost & expected profits etc are mentioned.

Project report is mandatory for mudra loan?

No, for Shishu Loan there is no requirement of project report but Tarun & Kishor project report is mandatory to understand business process.

What is the cost of Project report?

Generally Charted Accountant prepares the project report & they charge it according to project cost but the normally cost of project report is Rs. 2000/-.

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