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Mudra Bank Customer Care
Mudra Bank Customer Care

Mudra Bank has issued a nationwide toll-free mudra bank customer care numbers for assistance and mudra bank’s loan-related queries. We also suggest you check helpline no at

We suggest you call on those numbers according to your area. They will help you in your local languages. Call today & share your experience of Mudra Helpline.

State wise Contact Center Details of Mudra Bank. All numbers are toll-free. 

How can contact with Mudra Bank Customer Care?

You can contact on below numbers for mudra loans.

State Phone                             Number
Assam                                      18003453988
Andhra Pradesh                     18004251525
Andaman & Nicobar             18003454545
Arunachal Pradesh               18003453988
Bihar                                        18003456195
Chhattisgarh                           18002334358
Chandigarh                             18001804383
Daman & Diu                         18002338944
Dadra Nagar Haveli              18002338944
Gujarat                                    18002338944
Goa                                           18002333202
Himachal Pradesh                18001802222

Haryana                                  18001802222
Jharkhand                              18003456576
Jammu & Kashmir               18001807087
Kerala                                      180042511222
Karnataka                               180042597777
Lakshadweep                         04842369090
Meghalaya                              18003453988
Manipur                                  18003453988
Mizoram                                 18003453988

Maharashtra                          18001022636
Madhya Pradesh                   18002334035
Nagaland                                18003453988
NCT of Delhi                          18001800124
Orissa                                      18003456551
Punjab                                     18001802222
Puducherry                             18004250016
Rajasthan                                18001806546

Sikkim                                      18004251646
Tripura                                     18003453344
Tamil Nadu                             18004251646
Telangana                                18004258933
Uttarakhand                            18001804167
Uttar Pradesh                          18001027788
West Bengal                             18003453344

Apart from those state wise numbers, MUDRA Bank has launched two nationwide toll-free number for contact. You can contact them in working hours.

  • 1800 180 1111
  • 1800 11 0001

Apart those numbers, you can right a mail to bank authority, if banks are creating you trouble like form has finished, Our target has completed,  Our branch is not authorized for mudra loan, Now closing is going on, please come later.

We are not providing mudra loan, we will check your address than will provide you form, I am busy and please come next week or you have to pay something to get mudra loans.

Above all words are common, which bank staff mostly use. If you are facing such issue, please write a mail to senior managers or mention it in complaint book.

They will deny that they have not complaint book, you can write an email but we wish to tell you that as per RBI guidelines, they have to keep complaint book at every bank branch.

Apart that you can search the notice board at branch and you will find some important telephone numbers of bank officials and RBI. Dial those numbers and talk to them.